weight management


Roughly 2/3rd of American adults are overweight or obese. In a recent study conducted by Dove, 85% of women reported that they skip important family and professional events due to weight anxiety and feeling bad about their looks. If you are missing out on life's important moments or are shying away from creating meaningful relationships because you are overweight, eating disorder and weight management therapy can be life changing. 

Most commercial weight loss programs focus on food and exercise, which are certainly important components to a healthy life. However, the $20 BILLION dollar a year diet industry rarely focuses on the emotional and psychological factors that are typically at the core of obesity.  Achieving weight loss success is possible once the underlying emotional and behavioral issues are identified and addressed. Perhaps more importantly, as patients have become more aware of the emotional factors that have thwarted long-term motivation, they can take steps to undo negative internal programming, and learn personal acceptance that creates positive self-esteem and empowers a healthy lifestyle.      

In addition to identifying internal issues that lead to self-destructive choices, Dr. Warren uses hypnosis to "speak to the back of the mind" and create unconscious responses to trigger foods. By suggesting through hypnosis that sugar (for example) doesn't taste good or look appetizing, patients can easily break their addictions. Dr. Warren doesn't believe in diets or scales and instead teaches patients to envision themselves as their ideal selves and manifest that vision.  

Patients suffering from anorexia and bulimia face the same emotional and psychological challenges as do their obese counterparts, their issues have simply manifested in different ways.  A combination of behavioral therapy and identifying and addressing emotional issues is extremely successful in moving sufferers to a healthier and more successful life. 

Through healthy workplace counseling, Dr. Warren helps corporations create more productive and healthy work environments for employees struggling with weight management issues.