couples therapy

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While individual therapy focuses on the challenging or self-destructive behaviors of an individual person, couples therapy focuses on the dynamics of a couple's relationship. Couples who have fallen into negative behavior patterns can learn to address and undo negative programming, identify triggering situations, gain a better understanding and respect for their partner, and gain insight into their own role in the relationship dynamic. 

Couple's therapy is not about assigning blame to one party or the other.  It is about addressing specific issues within the relationship and creating clear objectives.  Generally, the objective for couple's therapy is to create a more healthy and joyful, sustainable relationship, however, couples who are facing long periods of separation due to employment, medical issues, military deployment, or incarceration can create healthy coping skills and learn to better communicate during the absence. Couples who are divorcing can benefit from therapy designed to help them separate emotionally as well as physically and if there are children involved, to be supportive and nurturing co-parenting partners.

As a solution-focused psychotherapist, Dr. Warren's approach to couple's therapy is to establish clear, quantifiable, objectives and help partners to develop and master communication and problem solving skills that ultimately improve the couple's bond. Married or unmarried, straight or gay, new relationships or relationships that have been established for decades, creating a healthy relationship requires respectful communication, appropriate emotional connection, and a desire to make the relationship succeed.