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The financial health of any corporation or organization depends on the physical and emotional health of its employees.

Yet today, employees are facing increased stress which can have significant negative impact on their health, resulting in unhealthy and unhappy employees, increases in absenteeism, lowered productivity, and volatile or hostile workplace environments. Sexual aggression, bullying, substance abuse, anxiety, and depression experienced by employees are having significant impact on their co-workers and the business. Through stresses, their immune systems are compromised and they can both become ill and spread illnesses throughout the workplace.  

However, by addressing the mental health needs of employees, corporations can increase morale, create more inclusive, safe, and productive work environments, and help foster a more positive work/life balance. This benefits the employee and the employer.    

Dr. Warren works with human resources departments to create an integrated therapy program, supporting the emotional and physical well-being of employees, while addressing any workplace issues before they become hostile work environments.   Through one-on-one therapy and group therapy sessions, on location, employees feel more comfortable addressing issues. Potentially litigious situations such as bullying and sexual harassment can also be addressed and managed before they reach a crisis stage.