bi-polar disorder


Bi-polar disorder to characterized by extreme swings in mood and behavior. A sufferer may feel up and euphoric participating in irresponsible, risky, adrenaline "rush" behavior, followed by a period of feeling low and depressed, isolating themselves from others and participating in debasing behaviors. The constant and unpredictable nature of bi-polar disorder can make it extremely difficult for sufferers to maintain stability in their lives.

Most treatment programs for bi-polar disorders combine a medicinal component with psychotherapy. Through therapy with Dr. Warren, patients learn coping skills and mood management, as well as how to deal with family and friends who may have been affected by the manic and depressive mood swings. Patients can also learn techniques to minimize stress and create a more healthy and manageable lifestyle. 

Individuals struggling with bi-polar disorder are often helped through both individual and family therapy. Bi-polar disorder can have a significant and long-lasting effect on family members. Through family therapy, members can gain a better understanding of bi-polar disorder and both the triggers and behavior management techniques that can ease episodes. Included families can also create essential support structure for the bi-polar sufferer, develop better management skills for their own relationships, and master techniques to deal with the their bi-polar family member.