anxiety disorders


Everyone suffers from worry from time-to-time. We all have anxious moments or are plagued by doubt at our ability to successfully navigate a particular social setting. However, for some, anxiety isn't an occasional worry. For some, anxiety becomes a debilitating condition. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorders affect nearly 40 million Americans annually. Ranging from social avoidance and obsessive thoughts to debilitating panic attacks and irrational fears, long-term anxiety can lead to a whole host of mental and physical ailments that have a significant, negative impact on a sufferer's life. 

Anxiety disorders are often accompanied by other negative behavior such as substance abuse issues, anger management issues, depression, and self-destructive behavior. By addressing the source of the anxiety, other issues are more easily and successfully addressed. In fact, anxiety disorders are some of the most receptive to therapy. 

Dr. Warren helps patients to identify the triggers of their anxiety, create perspective, undo negative programming, and ultimately to free themselves from irrational fears that hold them back in their personal and professional lives.