anger management

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Anger, in and of itself is not a bad thing. In fact, anger is a necessary and appropriate response to certain situations and a key component to the biological fight, flight, or freeze response. However, when a person's response to anger veers into socially unacceptable territory, such as becoming verbally or emotionally abusive or using physical violence, the resulting behavior can be devastating. An estimated 1 in 5 Americans today struggle to maintain appropriate anger responses. This has far reaching effects on their personal lives, familiar relationships, and their professional and work lives. 

Anger management therapy is designed to help a person respond to anger in a healthier manner. By identifying a person's specific triggers and creating an alternate response behavior, patients can learn to calm themselves, have better control over their emotions, and more successfully navigate anger inducing situations.   

Dr. Warren helps patients with anger issues identify the underlying cause of inappropriate anger response and address the issues that lead to a loss of self-control. For many, underlying self-esteem, depression, anxiety, or a trauma may be at the root of destructive anger responses. By dealing with the root issue, many find that their anger issues subside. For others, aggression is a learned response and can be undone by creating healthier responses to anger.